Zx-Uno, Zx-Evolution, Zx-Spectrum, esxDos and Network tools for it

“Lost Donation Box Incident” – game for TSConf

We released on CAFe Demoparty game called “Lost Donation Box incident”.


EXP27 Core now support WiFi!

You doesn’t need custom core to use WiFi addon on ZX-Uno now!

EXP27 core supports it by default(and adds some cool features too)


uGophy 0.8 – ZX-Uno version

Hello! Hola! Привет!

Now sources of uGophy placed in zxdos github space: there

All changes under cut!


Gopher clients legal and ethic status

uGophy now is a part of ZX-Uno project.

For me it’s important step and point. I’ve begun this project especially for ZX-Uno.

But now I have plans about porting it to other Speccy clones with different network hardware.


uGophy v. 0.5 is here!

Main change – support of search queries!

Now you can write in my guest book from your zx-spectrum 🙂

You may download update on my gopherspace(same address as this web-site).

uGophy v. 0.4 Released!

Now it works in Timex HiRes mode!

You may download it from released page or update from your own copy of uGophy(just open my gopher-site and download binary with fresh version)!


Experimental fork of my gopher browser for spectranet

I tested it only in Fuse emulator.

But I wish it will work on any(48K and more) real speccies.

Click to see screen grab from emulator.


Network tools for ZX-Uno pack

There my Network tools for ZX-Uno in single archive(on 7th Jule 2019).

To use it you need ZX-Uno core with UART support. If you already using one – please update – this version works fine on turbo modes.

Just unzip it to root of your SD Card.

Description under cut


scl2trd convertors for esxDos

There two version of utility:

This tool make possible convert any valid SCL-file to TRD(you may get full or cutted files).

This tool will works even on 48K Speccy and doesn’t require anything except your speccy, SCL-files and divMMC/divIDE controller with esxDos firmware.