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Alexander Sharihin

Software Engineer

Short bio

I've been doing backend(and sometimes fullstack) development since 2014, using Scala, Clojure, TypeScript/Node.JS, PHP, Postgres, Kafka, RabbitMQ, GRPC/Protobuf and other technologies.

I am in a happy marriage.

I fell in love with pragmatic functional programming since talk "Simple made Easy" by R. Hicky

Experienced with development of distributed and asynchronous systems.

My favorite programming languages are Scala, Rust, Typescript and Clojure. They're modern, powerful and provides different aproaches and points of view for solving problems. I'm open for every new experience in software development.

I have pet projects linked with retrocomputers. Like networking for ZX Spectrum-compatible computers(including Spectrum Next), retro demoscene and community activity.


North-Caucasus Federal University, honours degree in information systems and technologies.

Latest experience

Square Meter(VTB's Housing Ecosystem)

Lead developer

Research and development services for classified, displaying POIs(fetched from OSM) on a map and telephony tasks.

eLama(currently Yandex's AdTech ecosystem)

Tech Lead

Development architecture of solutions for marketing automation, working in tech-council of company, working hand by hand with development teams(including writing code).

Senior Scala Developer

Fullstack development of digital marketing automation service, code review and technical interviews.

IQ Option Software(currently QuadCode)

Sr. Backend Developer

Billing development and development solutions for asynchronous processing of payments


Sr. Backend developer

Refactoring and improving billing systems for supporting cross-currency operations, core systems development(including effective session handler)


I've loved local developer communities and had talks in our dev groups and conferences.

Some of my talks are there:

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