Zx-Uno, Zx-Evolution, Zx-Spectrum, esxDos and Network tools for it

uGophy will be available for ANY 128K speccy with divMMC/divIDE and simple WiFi modem


Great news for any speccy fan! You’ll can use gopher browser on original speccy 128K and clones with esxDOS(possible make ports to other disk systems).


“Lost Donation Box Incident” – game for TSConf

We released on CAFe Demoparty game called “Lost Donation Box incident”.


EXP27 Core now support WiFi!

You doesn’t need custom core to use WiFi addon on ZX-Uno now!

EXP27 core supports it by default(and adds some cool features too)


uGophy 0.8 – ZX-Uno version

Hello! Hola! Привет!

Now sources of uGophy placed in zxdos github space: there

All changes under cut!


Gopher clients legal and ethic status

uGophy now is a part of ZX-Uno project.

For me it’s important step and point. I’ve begun this project especially for ZX-Uno.

But now I have plans about porting it to other Speccy clones with different network hardware.


uGophy v. 0.5 is here!

Main change – support of search queries!

Now you can write in my guest book from your zx-spectrum 🙂

You may download update on my gopherspace(same address as this web-site).

uGophy v. 0.4 Released!

Now it works in Timex HiRes mode!

You may download it from released page or update from your own copy of uGophy(just open my gopher-site and download binary with fresh version)!


Experimental fork of my gopher browser for spectranet

I tested it only in Fuse emulator.

But I wish it will work on any(48K and more) real speccies.

Click to see screen grab from emulator.


Network tools for ZX-Uno pack

There my Network tools for ZX-Uno in single archive(on 7th Jule 2019).

To use it you need ZX-Uno core with UART support. If you already using one – please update – this version works fine on turbo modes.

Just unzip it to root of your SD Card.

Description under cut


scl2trd convertors for esxDos

There two version of utility:

This tool make possible convert any valid SCL-file to TRD(you may get full or cutted files).

This tool will works even on 48K Speccy and doesn’t require anything except your speccy, SCL-files and divMMC/divIDE controller with esxDos firmware.