Zx-Uno, Zx-Evolution, Zx-Spectrum, esxDos and Network tools for it

Internet NEXTplorer – gopher browser for ZX Spectrum Next

I’ve published sources(and binary build) of brand new gopher browser for Spectrum Next.

It was made from scratch to make code base more clean and rethink some points.

You can grab it here: https://github.com/nihirash/internet-nextplorer

If you want contribute to this project – feel free do it in any way. There aren’t limitations.

Everything is important – ideas, text fixes, code improvements etc

uGophy 1.0 and NetTools for ZX-Spectrum!


I need some time to make this release. More than I think before, but I did it!

Now you can use uGophy with Spectranet(48k and 128k versions both), on 128K spectrums with ESP on AY(esxDOS and +3 spectrums, including +3e) and ZXUno.

ZX Spectrum Next had experimental builds but it was unstable and I still didn’t received it.

More info and download links under cut.


Current news

News about uGophy, ports, other network projects and just slice of life.


uGophy will be available for ANY 128K speccy with divMMC/divIDE and simple WiFi modem


Great news for any speccy fan! You’ll can use gopher browser on original speccy 128K and clones with esxDOS(possible make ports to other disk systems).


Gopher clients legal and ethic status

uGophy now is a part of ZX-Uno project.

For me it’s important step and point. I’ve begun this project especially for ZX-Uno.

But now I have plans about porting it to other Speccy clones with different network hardware.


Experimental fork of my gopher browser for spectranet

I tested it only in Fuse emulator.

But I wish it will work on any(48K and more) real speccies.

Click to see screen grab from emulator.