Zx-Uno, Zx-Evolution, Zx-Spectrum, esxDos and Network tools for it

Current news

News about uGophy, ports, other network projects and just slice of life.


I’m already build versions for ZX-Uno, Original Speccies with ESP on AY chip(versions for esxDOS, +3DOS including +3e and just tape version).

Now I’m merging all version in single source tree and preparing conditional builds to make development process easier.

When I’ll make it – version 1.0 will be published.

I don’t think that it gets some major improvments but it will be first version that will be available for almost every 128k speccy.

What about port for Spectrum Next and MB03+?

There some minor issues. COVID breaks postal communication between EU and Russia – so I can’t get gifted SpecNext for debugging.

I’ve made some version in “blind” mode but it works a bit unstable. Some folks can run it, some – not. So debug hardware issues without hardware isn’t easy task.

MB03+ can’t be shipped to me by same reason.

COVID breaked too much plans.

My +UNO is dead

My main ZX Spectrum clone +UNO was dead.

My cat throwed it from table to floor and board have some microbreaks now.

I’ve tried repair it but it still have some video output issues. But now it even starts and usually shows video output(but not clear and not always).

I still have just ZX-Uno v.4.2 but it was my favorite speccy.

Other projects:

  • GUI-based network manager: Already works on +3 with ESP on AY and will be ported to esxDOS and ZX-Uno’s uart too
  • Two way file exchange(PC<->Speccy via network): I’ve sent first file from speccy to PC, but application need to be rewritten cause I’ve made some mistakes at start point. Sorry, it will be made, but just later.

Slice of life

I’m overloaded on my job now and falled into depression.

Our company(where I’m employed) have serious issues cause COVID. My perfomance on all pet project will be really down.

My company unemployed 30% of staff. So I need save my place.

Sorry, if someone waits quick releases – it isn’t easy for me.