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Gopher clients legal and ethic status

uGophy now is a part of ZX-Uno project.

For me it’s important step and point. I’ve begun this project especially for ZX-Uno.

But now I have plans about porting it to other Speccy clones with different network hardware.

My first port now sepparate project – spec-goph – clone for spectranet devices(that’s works even on speccy 48k) with separate code base.

My next step – make ZX Spectrum Next version.

It doesn’t require separate code base(just another UART driver), but I think it’s important keep link with my original target.

It’s important(for me) ethical aspect of this project.

You may agree with it or not, but my point is hard as a rock.

ZX-Uno community made very much for me, and this my way to say “thank you” to all folks from ZX-Uno community.

I know about some prior bad feelings between the ZX-UNO and Next community.

But ZX Spectrum Next users are not bad people(I wish).
They doesn’t need some “punishment”.

As engineer I’m solving issues and making some solutions. I have myown opinion, but I’m trying don’t infringe upon users(whom doesn’t make anything bad to me or ZX-Uno team).

What about licensing – I’ll keep GNU GPLv3.

If you’ll make fork of it – please make mention that’s it based on uGophy that’s part of ZX-Uno project.

Project moved to ZX-Uno’s github repository. All updates will be here.

This post is my opinion, ZX-Uno Team may not agree with my points and opinion.