Zx-Uno, Zx-Evolution, Zx-Spectrum, esxDos and Network tools for it

Network tools for ZX-Uno pack

There my Network tools for ZX-Uno in single archive(on 7th Jule 2019).

To use it you need ZX-Uno core with UART support. If you already using one – please update – this version works fine on turbo modes.

Just unzip it to root of your SD Card.

Description under cut

Storing your WiFi creds

To use network tools you need to store WiFi creds.

To store it run:

.iwconfig <YourSSID> <Password>

It will makes /sys/config/iw.cfg file where stores your creds

Browsing adopted gopher sites

Now I know only my gopher site that’s adopted for ZX-Uno.

There nothing special but you need write text less than 64 symbols(63 – is last symbol count in line).

My gopher site hosted on PyGopherD. There big archive of zx-spectrum games, fresh version of Gopher browser, scl2trd converters and all network tools.

Just go to uGophy directory in NMI commander and run “ugoph.bas” – it connects to wifi and shows you welcome page with controls description.

You may open my site via bookmark.

If you’ll download update for gopher client – it’s applies only after restart.

Talking in IRC

Open /net folder and run irc.tap. It best working on 14MHz turbo mode.

It ask about your connection data and connects to IRC server.

For sending IRC commands used symbol ‘!’ but not ‘/’. Cause it simpler to type from rubber keyboard.

There some shortcuts:

  • !j #channel – will joins specified channel
  • !l – will leave current channel(you must switch on channel what you want leave)
  • !s #channel or !s user – will sets current talk stream to channel or user.
  • !m user and there goes your message sends to user private message

If you need send some other command just write it after bang, example:

!KICK user

Downloading files via direct HTTP-link

There also tool named WGET – this is esxDOS dot-command.

It’s not very usable, but I’ve used it for development purposes(when I develop some project I’ll upload files to 0x0.st via curl and download it on ZX-Uno).

It can download files only via HTTP.

You must begun your URL via double slashes and after URL

You must specify output filename.

For example: 

.wget //artisia.net/out.scr some.scr

Connecting to PLATO-systems(for example, irata.online)

In same /net folder presents platoUNO.tap file.

This is adopted for ZX-Uno version of platoTermZX. It works fine on 14MHz.

Except support of ZX-Uno – this is usual version of platoTermZX(all my changes merged to main version platoTermZX).

For more information, please, go to http://irata.online/