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What is Agon Light?

It's great 8-bit computer with eZ80 cpu developed by The Byte Attic.

It's very magic device - cause it's modern producing retro computer built around Z80-compatible cpu(eZ80 is evolution of Z80/Z180 cpu line) and that can be just bought from online shop for just 50 EUR(I'm talking about Olimex's version that also can be bought from mouser and some other resellers).

This computer runs BBC Basic that ported by Dean Belfield. Computer have good graphics possibilities and good extensibility possibilities.

Agon with ESP module

Olimex's version also have UEXT connector that can handle some hardware. I've bought this module and used it as wifi modem.

Snail - fast gopher browser

Working browser on screen

I think Snail is fastest gopher browser for Agon Light(cause it's only one) and written directly on my Agon. I've used agon-ez80asm and Nano editor.

Browser(binaries and sources) can be found in my github.

Currently it supports browsing gopher pages, showing plain texts and even downloading files(but limited for around 400kb - by free ram size).

It isn't really based on uGophy, Internet NEXTplorer or Moon Rabbit but all this projects was written by me so you can meet common parts in code.

I've licensed it as usual with Coffeeware license - so feel free to hack it, made new things based on it and treat me to delicious coffee if you'll meet me.