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scl2trd convertors for esxDos

There two version of utility:

This tool make possible convert any valid SCL-file to TRD(you may get full or cutted files).

This tool will works even on 48K Speccy and doesn’t require anything except your speccy, SCL-files and divMMC/divIDE controller with esxDos firmware.

How to use it?

If you want use gui version – just download latest tap-file from releases page and run it.

In navigator select SCL file to convert – press ENTER and answer full trd you want or cutted.

Cutted TRD files have smaller size but you can use it only as read-only disk image.

Full TRD will have 640K size but you can use it for read and write.

If you want use dot-command download it from releases page and put to /BIN directory on your SD-Card(CF-Card/Hard drive etc).

Open folder where you want convert file and call:

.scl2trd <filename>.scl


.scl2trf f <filename>.scl

Key "f" means that's you want full TRD-file. 

It will make file that's named same as SCL-file but with .TRD extension. 

Open NMI Commander, open your TRD file and enjoy!