Zx-Uno, Zx-Evolution, Zx-Spectrum, esxDos and Network tools for it

uGophy 0.8 – ZX-Uno version

Hello! Hola! Привет!

Now sources of uGophy placed in zxdos github space: there

All changes under cut!


  • Now when song was finished it automatically change to next file
  • Less bugs with non valid stack behavior
  • If ESP module was rebooted – it will try to reinit it(my module have wobbly connection) and return to prev. url
  • Some minor fixes
  • Controls are changed – OP now used as Page Up/Page Down keys
  • For opening server press “N”(if you’ll keep address empty – request won’t be made)

If you want contribute into it – you’re welcome!

Experimental version for ZX-Spectrum Next coming soon(I need testers).