Zx-Uno, Zx-Evolution, Zx-Spectrum, esxDos and Network tools for it

uGophy 1.0 and NetTools for ZX-Spectrum!


I need some time to make this release. More than I think before, but I did it!

Now you can use uGophy with Spectranet(48k and 128k versions both), on 128K spectrums with ESP on AY(esxDOS and +3 spectrums, including +3e) and ZXUno.

ZX Spectrum Next had experimental builds but it was unstable and I still didn’t received it.

More info and download links under cut.

Spectranet version

Spectranet users have easiest way to try it – just boot from my TNFS server “nihirash.net“. There 128k and 48k versions are present.

I’ve tested it only in emulator(I haven’t spectranet card) – some instabilities are possible!

ZX Spectrum 128K and +3E

Well, now you can use uGophy with almost any ZX-Spectrum 128K clone(and original computers of cause) if it runs esxDOS(divIDE/divMMC) or +3e firmwares.

Schematics is very simple and you may make it with just wires even.


Version for esxDOS can be downloaded here: https://nihirash.net/nettools/esxdos.zip

For +3(it works even from floppies) and +3e: https://nihirash.net/nettools/3e.zip

After attaching ESP chip to your speccy you should run Network Manager(netman) – it will init ESP-chip and allow you select WiFi network.


Of cause, ZX-Uno gets this update too!

Now you have select between +3e and esxDOS versions for ZX-Uno!

+3e now contains only NetMan and uGophy, other tools will be ported by request.

+3e version here: https://nihirash.net/nettools/uno3e.zip

esxDOS version: https://nihirash.net/nettools/unoesx.zip

What new in uGophy 1.0?

Let’s begin from point that it first official version not for ZX-Uno.

From this version every version building from single source tree – so every new feature will appears in other versions too.

Now it supports rendering pages up to 127 symbols per line(in gopher pages and plain text pages).

Also, I’ve improved stability(found several bugs).

Supported ESP-chips with latests firmwares(they using larger buffer – so sometimes uGophy crashed without any visible reasons).

.wGet(only esxDOS)

I’ve updated wget utility. Now it using a bit different syntax(you should not pass http prefix and leading slashes to it – just begin your url from domain).

Now it displays progress and support error handling.


Please leave your feedback in any possible way!

It will make my software better!

Sorry for so long time between releases.