Zx-Uno, Zx-Evolution, Zx-Spectrum, esxDos and Network tools for it

uGophy will be available for ANY 128K speccy with divMMC/divIDE and simple WiFi modem


Great news for any speccy fan! You’ll can use gopher browser on original speccy 128K and clones with esxDOS(possible make ports to other disk systems).

Now I have working copy of uGophy on my Harlequin 128K with divMMC.

It can browse pages, show speccy screens and play AY-tracks online(but there is little issue – AY player sending some dirt to port A while playing and non-stop music changing doesn’t work now, but I’ll try fix it).

Already works also wget dot command.

IRC and Plato clients will be ported soon.

Schematics is very simple and cheap(ESP-12 with couple of resistors).

Now Robus(aka Rob. F) helps me with new UART routines to make possible use WiFi chip on speed more than 9600 BPS!

Additional info coming soon.

All sources will be published and you’re welcome to contribute!